The Culture Trifecta

So many workplaces simply settle when it came to their culture. Settle for TGIF. Settle for apathy and resignation. Settle for gossip and silos.

Workplaces have a chance to be a haven that not only doesn't permit aggression, but that also promotes camaraderie and connection.  When we make work life better, we make life work better. 

This workshop will show you how in three parts!

Part One:

What's the secret behind squashing gossip, apathy, and silos in the workplace? On this day we'll cover with you what you need to sideline these productivity killers.  

Part Two:

Before you can really transform a workplace there's one critical thing you need to do. On this day we'll give you the exact formula you need to take this big step. 

Part Three:

What does the culture journey even look like? What's it mean to be at each stage and what's it take to traverse this wilderness? On this day we'll take you down the whole path. 

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